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Problem definition

How Might We enable individuals keen on using AI for career growth to navigate the evolving job market with a streamlined app that predicts AI's role in job shifts, and suggests tailored skill upgrades and mentorship?


Emily, 35, is a marketing manager who's increasingly aware of how AI is transforming her field. She's tech-savvy but anxious about staying relevant in her career.

  • Tech-Savvy

  • Career-Focused

  • Open to Learning

  • Adaptable

Alex, 42, is a project manager in the construction industry, grappling with the rapid integration of AI in project planning and execution.

  • Experienced

  • Curious about AI

  • Inclusive Leader

  • Growth-Oriented

Priya, 29, non-binary software engineer at a sustainable tech startup, is driven by AI's potential in combating climate change. 

  • Passionate Innovator

  • Eager Learner

  • Work-Life Harmonizer 

  • Inclusive Advocate

Design oportunities

  • Dual Functionality: Combines task management with AI-driven career advice.

  • Activity Categorization: Users classify their daily tasks as priorities, hobbies, or events.

  • Data-Driven Analysis: Analyzes user-entered data, skills, and interests.

  • AI Impact Assessment: Identifies tasks likely to be automated by AI.

  • Skill Enhancement Insights: Pinpoints skill areas for improvement.

  • Adaptation to AI Changes: Helps users stay competitive in the evolving job market by recommendations for knowledge advancement.

Information architecture

The Information Architecture (IA) for the &U app is a thoughtfully constructed roadmap that activates post-onboarding. It’s where the app’s intelligence really kicks in, using the user’s background and preferences to personalize the experience. Central to the app, this IA is ingeniously designed to engage users, monitor skills, and provide AI-driven guidance, all to help users proactively evolve alongside the changing job market. It’s the crux of &U, offering a user-friendly journey through the app’s key features for career management in an AI-influenced world.

Personal Guide in the AI-Enhanced Career Landscape.

customized to your skills and interests, &U forecasts AI impacts on your job and guides you through tailored learning and mentorship. stay ahead in the AI-altered job market with &U."

Onboarding pages

The onboarding pages are meticulously designed to gather users' background information, interests, and skills. This design ensures a user-friendly interface and a welcoming onboarding experience that establishes a sense of trust and security from the first interaction.

Who would get advantage of this product?

Busy individuals who are concerned about their careers in the AI era. They are looking at AI as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat.

Social Media & Forum Analysis

actively monitoring discussions across platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, and specialized forums. Here, professionals engage in conversations about industry trends, the impact of AI on jobs, and strategies for reskilling.

we closely watch potential users in their work environments, aiming to capture how they interact with technology and identify silent challenges or behaviors around job security and skill development.


Quantitative research

At this stage, research is crucial for uncovering the pain points and concerns of our users. It enables us to dive deep into the realities of how AI is reshaping the job market and the anxieties it generates. By observing users and analyzing their discussions, we gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges they face and what they need to navigate this transition. This insight is invaluable for developing solutions that truly address users' fears and aspirations in the evolving professional landscape. This initiative focuses on gathering qualitative data through two primary approaches


Home page

Clean and intuitive dashboard that users land on post-onboarding. It presents a snapshot of daily priority tasks, hobbies, and events. It show the progress updates, all arranged for quick navigation. The design emphasizes ease of use, ensuring users feel oriented and ready to tackle their day with confidence and clarity.

Feed page

Keeps users informed about the latest trends and developments in AI and the job market. It's a curated space that tracks and filters relevant news to ensure users are always ahead of the curve. Articles, reports, and updates are streamlined for easy consumption, empowering users with knowledge that could impact their career paths.


Comprehensive view of the user's scheduled activities, deadlines, and reminders. It’s designed to support meticulous time management and foresight in the user's professional journey. This page allows for easy adjustments and additions, providing a dynamic planning tool that adapts to the user's evolving schedule and priorities.

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