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This is about the importance of courage and action. It suggests that taking risks and stepping out of one's comfort zone is essential for achieving goals and making progress.

This typography leverages visual metaphor to challenge the uneven global discourse, urging an equitable intensity of response and awareness for both the crises in Ukraine and Palestine.

Centuries past, Sufi poet Rumi's famed words, "What you seek is seeking you," continue to echo worldwide, embodying the principle that our thoughts and desires attract corresponding outcomes.This text is in Finglish, meaning it's Farsi written with English alphabets.

One must not remain silent about the assault, and I am sure that the victim is always in the right. in any circumstance, in any type of relationship, in any situation, and even in any position, no means no!

First and foremost, I wish health to all those who found the courage to speak up. It's a shame that the vulgarity prevalent in our era drags everything through the mud. We must take the "No to Execution" seriously.

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