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Experience 'Elepast,' a mesmerizing visual journey. Delve into a realm where beauty intertwines with uncertainty, inviting reflection on life's intricate tapestry. 

'Elepast' captures the essence of resilience and the enigmatic twists of fate.

Music: Neighbours - Your Hand In Mine

Let me back to the rain

I embarked on a visual odyssey, capturing the essence of two vastly different worlds through the lens of a GoPro affixed to my car's side mirror. The timelapse footage unfolds like a poetic dance, seamlessly transitioning between the arid landscapes near Tehran, Iran's bustling capital, and the lush, rain-kissed terrain of Sari, nestled in the country's verdant north.
Music: Alt-J - Intro.

The End

Enter the emotional landscape of 'Turn Around,' a deeply personal journey captured and choreographed to the haunting melodies of Âme's remix of Sailor & I's evocative track. Crafted during a time of profound transition and upheaval, this video serves as a poignant reflection of my journey through uncertainty and loss.

Music: Turn Around (Âme Remix) Sailor & I 

Despite my keen interest in the world of animation, I have not yet had the opportunity to contribute to long animation projects. To fuel my passion and develop my skills, I have dedicated myself to creating short animations, including GIFs, as personal projects. These endeavors were driven purely by my enthusiasm for learning and mastering

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