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AI Generated Generation

Starting Out

I began using AI to create images right when it became available for everyone. At first, my work was very basic and not very clear. This was because I was just starting to learn and the AI tools were not very advanced yet. In this first part, you'll see my early tries, showing simple yet eager attempts at making art with AI.

Getting Better

As I got better at using AI, and as the AI tools themselves improved, my images started looking much nicer. This section shows how my skills grew and how the pictures became clearer and more detailed. It's exciting to see the change and improvement over time.

Woman, Life, Freedom

I used my skills to make a series of posters about women's uprisings in Iran. I thought about how famous artists would show this topic if they made a poster. With AI, I tried to capture their styles.

Creative Changes

Next, I started turning regular images into something more special, like art or something from the future. I did this by writing special instructions for the AI, asking it to change the pictures in the way I wanted. This part of my portfolio shows off how I can make ordinary images into something very creative and cool.